April 19, 2021

S1 E11 Jareth Tempest Called The Hotline!!!

S1 E11 Jareth Tempest Called The Hotline!!!

Everybody's favorite wizard Jareth Tempest called the Random Illusions hotline for a surprise visit! This man is a wealth of knowledge and had a lot of great insight and techniques to share! Kick back, settle in, and join the fun!

Thanks for calling the hotline, Jareth! You have a standing invitation to drop in on the show anytime!

Please check out Jareth's books, available on Amazon:

Raziel's Paths of Power

Archangel Pathworkings: Raziel's Paths of Power II

The Angels of Omnipotence

Jareth's website is www.TheShadowBinder.com
You can find a link to his Patreon on this website too.

And for those of you interested in his magickal attunements to spirits, check out his Etsy shop! More details on this can be found on the website noted above.

This week's TeaTag: "Develop the power of listening."

This week's Fortune Cookie Slip: "Be patient. Good things come to those who wait."
Lucky Numbers: 15, 18, 19, 22, 40, 48

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