March 29, 2022

Upcoming Sales Event!

Upcoming Virtual Crystal and Mineral Show as well as the world's first Virtual Garage Sale and Fund Raiser for the podcast!! Join the Fun!! This will mark the unofficial launch of the GOST Radio Online Tool Store!

It all starts April 7th and goes thru April 10th, 2022
I will be doing RANDOM live streaming events on Facebook as well as YouTube so be sure and follow/subscribe to both and turn notifications on!! I will also be posting videos on TikTok!

Not only will I be demonstrating the amazing natural magick tools I have to offer, but I figure why have a garage sale in my front yard when I could reach the entire world? 100% of all purchases will go to support the Random Illusions Podcast! 

Serious stuff, fun stuff, unique stuff, weird stuff, art stuff, vintage stuff, useful stuff, and stuff that will just make you scratch your head! Something for everyone!
There will also be guest appearances and sock puppets!!

Yes, it's magick, entertainment, shopping, and fun all rolled into one!
Grab a cup of coffee! Grab a cup of tea! Grab your credit card and support the show!