Sept. 22, 2021

S1 E32 - Love Letter from Shax, the 44th Spirit of the Goetia, and more!!

Auntie Eden sent another Love Letter from the Divine with a message for all Random Illusions Podcast Listeners, this one is from the 44th Spirit of the Goetia, Shax

“I have noticed you
I see you looking looking at me instead of the other way around.

You have come seeking the wisdom of Shax…..Then wisdom you shall receive.

Look upon the windswept plain, see those who have gone before you…wandering blindly in the distance.
Starting from nowhere, ending up nowhere.
Fighting with each other about the journey the whole way….occasionally bringing me into the fight….as if I care who wins, but the moment was interesting.

You humans fight over nothing…literally.
What is a person’s life, but the briefest spark in eternity.

Each one a momentary dictator, death takes each one by surprise.

If you seek wisdom from me then take this… Look upon the preciousness of the golden wheat upon which you tread, the sky above you, the fly buzzing in your face. Do not try to control the wheat field, and remember that the journey leads nowhere. There is no golden idol waiting for you.

This will give you gain over the fools that will call me to gain something that was never theirs."

**Channeler’s note** Because there are clairsentient feelings that go with this…Shax isn’t being nihilistic with the “there is no golden idol waiting for you”. He doesn’t mean that there’s no God or afterlife. What he means is that people fight for their whole lives and assume that there is a big win or payoff coming…but there isn’t. That’s a fallacy.

It is truly a privilege to be able to share these incredible messages!!

Remember my friend Ellen and my "Where's Ellen" experiment from my Meet&Greet Episode?? Well, we didn't find her. Yet. But my friend Anne found a photo of Ellen from years ago when we went to her place for tarot card readings one night! Maybe these photos will help find her? These photos were taken sometime in the mid to late 1990s in Denver, Colorado. 

Big THANK YOU to my friend Anne for sharing these photos!!