Oct. 22, 2021

Love Letter from the Goddess Hecate

My apologies on the tardiness of this blog post. Here is the channeled message from Hecate that Auntie Eden sent:

The wind blows crimson in the night.
Do you seek council?
Most do not remember Hecate.

Open yourself up to the movements across the universe.

Nothing is held from your perception, except that which you block out…and people block out that contrasts with their own laws. Chart their movements like constellations across the sky. The patterns will be visible

Do you find it surprising that the blocks are your own?
Yes, let the world in, you can take it.
Become one with it’s movements.

To everyone you will be looking into a dark cauldron of fear, but you will see the world as it is. Let go of principle. You are not a law maker.

The lens is the enemy of the diviner.
Do you feel it? The hustle and bustle, the comings and goings?

The burden of sight.
You can no longer be a creature of principle.
You must be a creature of sight.
The shining star that looks on all equally.
Does the chart choose who gets it’s light? No, it shines on good and bad equally.
People will say “Oh star, what do see that mine eyes cannot?”. This is because the star makes no choices in it’s light, where it shines.

Do you now see the place of neutrality that the diviner must sit?
They are not afforded the luxury of ideology.
They must be a service to everyone, without judgment.
Their eyes piercing into what people try to hide or blind themselves to.

This neutrality is a position of trust and you have been entrusted with it.
You will see.
See with your mind’s eye.
See the world grow.
See people decline.
Understand the inevitability of the march of time.
Drop ideology.
Drop it like a cloak and stand naked in the night wind.

(I had asked her about divination)