July 29, 2021

Bear with me!!

Hi Guys!
I realize I haven't made any blog entries since setting this up. My muggle job is high stress right now and I'm spread thin. Trying to re-org a little to help make better use of my time, but I should be able to keep up soon.

I also recognize that I haven't gone thru and updated show note links and the like, which is also still on my "To Do" list. 

But, the good news is that I have a couple new developments on the horizon, a new video course to add (It's a good one!) and some new social media ideas for extra material. 

We just hit a couple more milestones with the podcast! We have gone over 2,500 downloads, we have been heard in 57 countries and well over 500 cities around the globe! Random Illusions is still on the charts and going strong! Thanks for joining me each week! It's just one more thing that makes it a lot of fun for me!

Thanks for supporting the show!
Shasta Re