Sept. 7, 2021

30th Episode Celebration! New segment: Love Letters From Auntie Eden!!

We have officially reached 30 episodes! 
To celebrate we are introducing a new segment called "Love Letters From Auntie Eden", who is learning to channel messages from divine spirits! Every time we have a new message, I will post here on the blog as well as read it on the podcast! 

The first message was from the Archangel Cassiel:

“With heavy marble wings outstretched, I give my blessings to the world. The message of limits, the message of “stop”. How like children people still are, resenting that message. They continue until they are depleted, never seeing that the message was given out of love. Will you continue to expand until you are so thinned out that you no longer exist? I think all would. Bring your attention to the problems at hand and conserve your strength for them. Put no energy in flights of fancy. Look at life as it is and move from there. Apply the power of Heaven to the now. Focus on what will move the rocks blocking the problems of the immediate moment, rather than imagined rocks of the future. This is the folly of ignoring Saturn..the escape into fantasy. The firm hand must hold the string of the balloon. The problems of the now must be addressed, and when you resolve them…you move into a new now with new problems. This is what progress looks like…not figuring out the problems of a fantasy that will never exist. Now you have the weapon that will move mountains, and put the world in your palm”

Thank you for your words of wisdom, Cassiel! And thank you to Auntie Eden for taking the time and energy to channel and send this divine message!